Friday, October 31, 2008

Its about time!

I have started this blog to share and journal our home remodel project. Rather than clutter up my family it is. This project is definitely worthy of its own blog and I will continue to post other rooms as the days go by. We are actually done with the house and moving in the first week of November.

This has been a love/hate relationship. I love the house because of all the work we have put into it....and I hate the house because of all the work we have put into it. But now that there are just minor projects left....I am really excited to move in and make it our own.

I have posted The Kitchen (thought I ought to just get to the good stuff first), Laundry Room and Mud Room.

In posts to come....

Front room
Kya's Room
Baby's Room
Master Suite
Floors and lighting

Moving in
Home decor
The basement

As I have mentioned before (in other blogs), it has always been a dream of mine to remodel a house. Although, my idea of a remodel was a large home built in the 1800 to early 1900's that has character....a history....and charm. A remodel that was supposed to be my dream home. This has been a fun project, but certainly not my dream home. Part of me feels like I can't wait to actually do that dream home project and now that we have the experience....we know what we are headed for. And then the more sensible part of me (not that I really have a sensible side), wants nothing to do with a home remodel again.

Who knows what the future will bring. As for now....we are going to enjoy our first big project together and being home owners for the first time. Looking forward to many memories made with our little family in this house.

Stay tuned for more posts of the finished product and then even home decor pics after "the move in".


Ok, here's the kitchen, the most important part of a remodel. As you can see, there is no dishwasher and the cupboards are disgusting, among many other problems we found along the way. Here is what we did.....

Tore out the bottom cupboards and plumbed for a dishwasher.

Tore out the backsplash...thank you MD (brother-in-law).
Tore out the laminate floors...

Found this underneath....glue for the laminate.

Sanded the floors really well...thank you A and T (sister and hubby), and B (friend) for your knowlegde of redoing floors.

Thank you MD for ripping off that disgusting rock!

Look at that hideous back splash in the kitchen.
Painted the whole house
And this is what we have now....


Added a bar (not done yet), because I do not have a dining room in this house. When life gives you lemons....make lemonade.

All new (semi-new) appliances. Thank you mom, mother-in-law, aunt and Lowe's.

Check out those floors....LOVE them.



Laundry Room

Sorry the first picture is sideways. This is a view into the laundry room from the mud room. Nice paneling, huh? We redid the floors and painted the walls and ceiling white. This will be the laundry room and pantry for the kitchen.
This is a view of the after into the mud room. Not much really to look at in this room.

Mud Room

Kya helping me put the floors down in the mud room

As you enter the back of the house, you see this BEFORE.....

Now this is what you see.