Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Main Bathroom

Here is another update...figured I ought to get on it since we are moving in this weekend....WAHOO! So this is the main bathroom...really the main bathroom because the only other one in the house is in the master bedroom.

BEFORE floors (hideous)

AFTER floors (beautiful tile work...done by me...if I do say so myself)
(we go the pedestal sink from craigslist in Boise (thank you D.T.) for only $10. Lovin' it!

And for your enjoyment...a little decor. Those are brown towels if you can't tell from the picture.

This is the view BEFORE, that you get of the bathroom as you walk into the house.

And this is the AFTER view

And then just a few pics of us working on that hideous bathroom that is just gorgeous now. Totally patting ourselves on the back...can you tell. Carl probably trying to give me instructions....hey buddy, I am a pro (hee hee hee)

Nasty, disgusting old tub BEFORE
Beautiful, new tub AFTER (well IN BETWEEN stage)
Carl redid most of the plumbing (with help from J and J, thank you)
Cutting into the lathe (sp?) and plaster to fit the tub and other such troubleshooting.

Crazy how one UGLY thing can become something quite cute and enjoyable...yes even a bathroom.