Monday, June 8, 2009

Basement is done....wahoo!

Ok, finally the unveiling of our basement remodel. Its finally here. This (other than the kitchen of course) is probably the greatest change in the house. I am so glad that it is done, cause now we can live in it. Its been great to come down with the kids and play with them. I know Kya has loved the attention and play I'm giving her lately.
So I will give you a walk through tour with "Before and After" along the way. Its more fun to see the before and after right next to each other.
The stairs descending to the basement (duh!)
The hallway to my office at the bottom of the stairs.


Ceiling AFTER
My office



The furnace out in the middle of the room...yuck, what an eye sore.

AFTER No more eye sore...if you turn around on the other side of the entry room you see this.
TV room


Midway, we kind of moved in.


I know, you can say it...pleasing to the eye now, right?

Carl's office/hobby room

AFTER Carl built the closets...what beautiful craftmanship. In another post, I will post the egressed(sp) windows that we put in. This has been a great glad we are done.

Even the kids are able to enjoy it now.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I have always wanted bookcases flanking my couch, so I decided to make some. I bought some antiques five panel doors and here are the pics of before and afters.

An old door (one that looked like this)......

....some paneling from my sister's house that they tore down.....

... and an old piece of MDF....

...some paint and style....

This is how they turned out
The pictures don't really show the detail in the sides from the doors, I will have to get some pics and get those up too.
Our basement is finally done. Stay tuned for a post of before and after of the basement. This is exciting. Probably the biggest changes.