Saturday, June 18, 2011

Craft Room and Living Room

I've been up to a lot of projects lately...sometimes when my creative juices start to flow...I just can't stop it.  A few months back I organized my craft room a bit.  Nothing special here...but some fun and cheap organizational ideas.

This shelf used to be cupboards doors and a shelf.  Its now my ribbon holder as well.

Some old jars become some great "do-dad" holders.

A bunch of frames I had just sitting in the garage and a few $1 frames from DI.  Painted them all black, added some clips to the glass and leaning on the ledge heading down to our basement becomes the kids "art gallery".  Kya loves to draw me pictures and make "cards" this is how we display her artwork now.  I love it!

Remember these....I built these bookshelves out of old doors and paneling...but I got bored with them.

Found these spice cupboards at DI for $10.00...

With a little extra wood, I now have a country built in look.  I still have plans for the walls...changing the color again.  But I love my bookcases now.

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