Friday, October 31, 2008


Ok, here's the kitchen, the most important part of a remodel. As you can see, there is no dishwasher and the cupboards are disgusting, among many other problems we found along the way. Here is what we did.....

Tore out the bottom cupboards and plumbed for a dishwasher.

Tore out the backsplash...thank you MD (brother-in-law).
Tore out the laminate floors...

Found this underneath....glue for the laminate.

Sanded the floors really well...thank you A and T (sister and hubby), and B (friend) for your knowlegde of redoing floors.

Thank you MD for ripping off that disgusting rock!

Look at that hideous back splash in the kitchen.
Painted the whole house
And this is what we have now....


Added a bar (not done yet), because I do not have a dining room in this house. When life gives you lemons....make lemonade.

All new (semi-new) appliances. Thank you mom, mother-in-law, aunt and Lowe's.

Check out those floors....LOVE them.




Jana Dille said...

Nice job! Now I see why you never want to do it again. Too much work for me. I thought building a house was a lot of work. More fun than work:) You will appreciate it so much!

bec said...

So fresh and so clean, clean! ;) Great job!

Seth and Peggy said...

Oh my heck I can't believe the change. I love it! At first I thought, "you know, you could make those laminate floors kind of cute...somehow...I'm surprised Paula didn't work with this..." jk Nice job.

Jamie Younker said...

I'm so in awe..... I don't think I could ever do this!