Friday, October 31, 2008

Mud Room

Kya helping me put the floors down in the mud room

As you enter the back of the house, you see this BEFORE.....

Now this is what you see.




bec said...

Very cool! I love seeing stuff like this. Thanks for sharing!

BreAnn Clark said...

wow! what a difference. Can't wait to come visit when you move in.

Becky said...

WHOA....BIG difference. LOVE it! Where were you when we lived in our first home? HIDEOUS!!! Thank goodness for our newer home. Keep us posted, you're doing great!

Cumorah said...

holy cow girl! you have been BUSY! you put me to shame! we just moved into our new house - and i've been wanting to refinish my kitchen table and my piano all week, and haven't even busted out my sander. I am Sooooo impressed!
I better stop looking at blogs, and get onto my projects!